1. Two set of display cases made for Edmund De Waal.

    These display cases are very important to the presentation of the work - indeed, the large white display cases actually incorporate the work in their appearance.

    As such they are made to the highest specifications - including low-iron glass for the shelves and  non-reflective glass for the exteriors of the small cases. These cases also have no visible fixings at all, so the entire focus of the viewer is on the work within.

    The large cases are precision engineered to fit together seamlessly and give the impression each level almost floats above the last.

    Both sets are created from aluminium and either glass or perspex.

    Mike Smith Studio produce a wide range of display solutions to satisfy the need of any artist. Commonly used materials are aluminium, steel, stainless steel, timber, Corian, MDF, Plywood, glass and Perspex. 

    We can also provide inbuilt lighting specifically to suit each piece of work.

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