1. A large steel framework wall clad with hand-cast resin panels, for Céline’s London store, in Mount Street, Mayfair.

    We have just installed this wall into Céline’s fashion boutique, having made and test fitted it in our London workshop.

    Read more about it here.

  2. superarchitects:

    A Clockwork Jerusalem

    British Pavilion / Venice Biennale / 2014

    "A Clockwork Jerusalem is a witty and insightful exhibition that we hope will provoke debate about British architecture. The exhibition uses images and language brilliantly to link a series of complex issues that we hope will lead to a new debate about the UK’s plans for housing and New Towns."

    Vicky Richardson, director of architecture, design, and fashion at the British Council

    More info

    A lovely picture of our mound!

  3. All our work at the Venice Architectural Biennale 2014.

    We produced the small scale models of the Thamesmead, Cumbernauld and Hulme estates - all examples of modernism and brutalism in architecture, once touted to be the answer to the UK housing crisis. Sadly all have now fallen into decline, and much of the architecture has been lost as the bulldozers move in and time marches on.

    The show asks viewers to consider the relationship between the modernist ideals of the past and traditional British sensibilities.

    We had the models 5-axis CNC routed out of a dense foam, and then hand painted and sprayed them with a mix of paint and concretious resin.

    Then they were drilled and displayed on stainless steel legs at precise angles, so the viewer could appreciate them not just as buildings, but as objects, away from their natural surroundings.

    The mound was made with a steel structure and then clad in plywood and MDF panels, all CNC routed to fit perfectly. The stairs were slotted into place and each element fitted and bolted on to the steel work, once on site in Venice.

    Then the mound was covered in a soil and adhesive mixture, and the paintwork was finished.

    The Venice Architectural Biennale opened to the public on the 7th of June, 2014, and will close on the 23rd November, 2014.

    The British Pavilion is called ‘A Clockwork Utopia’, and is curated by FAT Architecture and Crimson Architectural Historians, supported by The British Council and sponsored by The Vinyl Factory.


  4. pelhamcomms:

    A Clockwork Jerusalem, The British Council’s commission for the British Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, is a broad, thought provoking and reflective exhibition which explores the development of modernism in British architecture from a number of angles. Each of these are…


  5. british pavilion by FAT architecture opens at the venice biennale



    entitled ‘a clockwork jerusalem’, the installation considers the effect post-war architecture had on the nation’s population, exploring the origins of the movement in britain.

    The post british pavilion by FAT architecture opens at the venice biennale appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

    via touday-all http://ift.tt/1l8tSp1

    There is currently a Twitter-tour of the British Pavilion ‘A Clockwork Jerusalem’ happening on Twitter! For those not lucky enough to be visiting Venice themselves, follow @British_Design to see the show and ask any questions you have!

    We made the mound and the models of the Thamesmead, Cumbernauld and Hulme buildings.

  6. La Biennale is OPEN!

    Il padiglione della Gran Bretagna al Biennale del’ Architettura a Venezia e aperta! Speriamo che dara gusto a tutti gli nostri visitatori.

    We made multiple elements for the British Pavilion at the Venice Architectural Biennale.

    'A Clockwork Jerusalem' is co-curated by FATArchitecture and Crimson, and examines old fashioned British sensibilities confronted with modernism and Brutalist architecture.

    There was a great crowd for the official opening of the pavilion, and the Biennale runs until 23rd November 2014.

  7. Join the hunt!

    The Faberge Big Egg Hunt New York is on - can you find all the eggs, scattered around New York?

    And more importantly, can you find the one produced by Mike Smith Studios, for Leyla Aliyeva?

    Miss Aliyeva provided the studio with her original art work, and we then adjusted it to wrap around the 3 dimensional egg, and meticulously hand painted every detail.

    We also cut out the shapes of the flowers, and crafted a translucent red perspex piece to fit each one. We then made an LED ‘light pole’ and fixed it into the centre of the egg to give an even glow. The flowers jump from the design even in daylight, giving the monochrome design a real hit of juicy colour.

    A final coat of laquer, and off went the egg, from our studio in West London, to somewhere in Manhattan…here’s a clue - it’s Upper West Side!

    This egg is available to buy in the auction, at the end of the hunt.

  8. Sebastian Bergne - stools for the Ambiente Trade Fair, Messe Frankfurt 07 - 11 February 2014.

    Once again, Mike Smith Studio work in collaboration with Sebastian Bergne - this time to create a set of stools, which double as magazine racks.

    Each stool is made from Valchromat - a wood fibre panel made with organic dye, with one face of each stool covered in green Formica. This matches the colour scheme for the Trade Fair.

    We used our CNC router to cut each piece, laminated the green panels, and then built the stools by hand.

  9. Steve McQueen - ‘The Lynching Tree’ -2013.

    'The Lynching Tree' is a photographic still by Steve McQueen. First exhibited at Basel in 2013.

    It depicts a tree which was used to hang slaves from, and was shot on location of his new film ‘Twelve Years A Slave’.

    The image of now-peaceful woodland belies the brutality which once took place in the spot. The graves of slaves who died there surround the tree.

    At Mike Smith Studio we make light boxes from steel, aluminium, MDF, non-reflective polycarbonate and complete all the electrical wiring. This piece is going to a private collection in America, so is dual rated for 240v/110v.

    This image is brought to life by the lighting behind the colour transparency. The greens are fresh and bright, and it almost feels as if you’re looking out of a window, not at a still image at all. We make light boxes for various clients, in any size, shape and material required.

    This is the latest in a list of collaborations between MSS and Steve McQueen, including various other light boxes and  'Queen and Country'.

  10. The End of the Year is Nigh!

    We’re rapidly heading for 2014, and the workshop has been incredibly busy for the past few months. We’ve been producing samples for people, as well as tackling a couple of large projects.

    As the photos show, we’ve been working with casting resin, brass, copper and steel - as well as continuing our production of panels for painters.

    So, the new year will bring the end of some of these projects, but new ones are waiting to take their place. Our new website should also be up and running soon, and will include an in-depth look at some of the projects we’ve worked on recently.

    So we wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a great New Year, from all at Mike Smith Studio.